Growing up in a small sea town in rural Poland, I never had to pay attention to what food I ate or how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I had all the amazing foods I could ever imagine provided by my mom.  We had a garden with nut and fruit trees and plenty of different vegetables growing, too.

I was fed with organic fruits and vegetables, free-range grass-fed eggs, different whole foods and homemade fermented foods which are deeply rooted in Polish culture.  And I enjoyed all of this, on a daily basis, without ever realising that it was particularly healthy or organic.

“To me, it was simply food.”

My friends and I were running freely around the house, through the woods and along the nearby beach.

Our lives were filled with greenery and natural beauty.

Words like “organic”, “earthing”, “nutrition” or “fitness” did not exist in my vocabulary back then.  It didn’t have to, as it was all part of our normal everyday lives.

I didn’t wear any makeup until I started high school.  Not because I didn’t want to but because my mom wanted to encourage me to accept my natural self – at least as a child.

Despite her efforts, I ended up comparing myself to other girls in teen magazines and I remember dreaming about hiding the super visible dark circles I had around my eyes.

By comparing myself to seemingly flawless models, I developed many insecurities and found non-existent disfigurements on my body, such as cellulite on my legs, at the young age of 14.

As my mom stubbornly held her position regarding “unnecessary beauty products”, I had to become very creative and use whatever available sources I could find in the kitchen cupboards and in our garden.

I started doing research, mainly by reading books about natural beauty recipes and I can still remember stuffing my socks with red cherry leaves before bedtime to soften the skin on my feet.

In case you were wondering, it didn’t work.

I was constantly hiding in the bathroom covered in different homemade face masks and testing new recipes to beautify myself.

“This all changed

when I moved out of

my childhood home.”


I started feeding myself with processed foods with no regard to what it was doing to my health.

I was suffering from really bad PMS and terrible migraines that were preventing me from attending lectures and socialising between my studies.

I was constantly swallowing different types of painkillers to fight off my migraine attacks and was using various contraceptive pills from the age of 18.

And of course, I now finally had the freedom to buy all the beauty products I could afford.

I practically became a beauty product junkie – basically making up for lost time.

I used to spend a significant chunk of my salary on beauty products which I believed would bring me closer to my unrealistic dreams of perfection – and thus finally cure my insecurities.

Instead, I developed lots of allergies and my asthma got worse.

During those years many of my family members and friends developed different types of cancer and I lived in constant fear of the same thing happening to my parents, sister or even myself.

In the midst of all this, I watched how my mum looked after my grandma while she was, slowly but surely, dying of cancer.

This was at the same time as when I walked into a bookstore and picked up a book called “Anticancer: A New Way of Life” by David Servan-Schreiber.

Mr Schreiber was a scientist and a doctor who was diagnosed with brain cancer.  This book was revolutionary and completely mind-blowing to me. 

At that stage of my life, I had never heard that the unhealthy food we eat and the overall lifestyle we live could increase our risk of developing cancer.  And that you could fight it with the help of good nutrition and your own body’s natural capacities.

“I was profoundly intrigued!” 


My beloved grandma eventually passed away and this was the defining moment that encouraged me to really immerse myself in the world of healthy living.

I spent hours on end researching how making nutritional choices could help lessen our risk of developing different types of illnesses.  And I learned about the benefits of organically produced food, the importance of exercise as well as the health benefits of yoga and meditation. 

I also realised that most of the everyday products we use contain much more toxic ingredients than we would ever dare to imagine!

And so my own lifestyle started to change dramatically.

These realisations and the changes I went through lead me to the idea of setting up a blog to share my discoveries with the world.

I wanted to promote holistic healing, complementary medicine/nutrition and emphasise the importance of switching to natural and organic beauty products.  And I really wanted to develop a comprehensive understanding of what we could achieve through naturopathic nutrition and a healthier lifestyle. 

So I started studying a 3-year program at the College of Naturopathic Medicine to further develop my knowledge.

I now feel that I have much more control over my own health, life and future.

And I hereby would like to invite you all to join me on my journey where I will share my discoveries about health, anti-cancer foods, lifestyle changes and much more.

So please feel free to tap in and enjoy the ride.

I believe it is going to be an exciting one.

Anna x


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