Hello Beauties!

My name is Anna, and I currently reside in Birmingham, UK. 

I originally come from Poland, where I grew up in a small, picturesque village, just by the Baltic sea.  Where I enjoyed eating whole foods on a daily basis, without ever realising that it was being particularly healthy or organic. 

However, this all changed when I moved out from my family home.

You can read the full story here about my journey back to healthy living.

I have a burning passion for living a holistic and health-conscious lifestyle.  I try to choose organic options whenever possible, from food, beauty products, home items and clothing.

Everything really!

Which is also why blogging about things such as making more ethical and eco-friendly choices when it comes to fashion and travelling – makes total sense to me.

As a Naturopathic Nutrition student, I am on a journey to learn how to optimise the sense of well-being and enhance our own body’s healing abilities.  I strongly believe in the profound effects the mind can have on the physical body.

As Deepak Chopra once said:

“Your body has an infinite number of unknown possibilities, but it looks to you for direction.”

This really resonates with me.

I have a genuine love for animals.  I can spend hours watching clips of silly sloths, clumsy pandas and adorable koalas!  But I also love a few human beings, too – actually quite a few.  Especially one special Swedish Viking named Joakim who I am engaged with. 

What else…  Oh, I am a bookworm, a frequent daydreamer, and I can cry tears of joy simply by looking at beautiful landscapes, admiring sunset/sunrises and by listening to my favourite songs.

And I believe that LOVE is the magic ingredient for everything in life.

So please enjoy your visit here, in my world of holistic and organic living where I welcome you with open arms.

With love,

Anna x

Welcome to my blog! I hope it will inspire and help you lead a healthier, happier life!

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